Our distillery is located in an old brewery in Vintre Moller in Lejre, one of the oldest communities in Denmark. Next to the distillery, you will find the last of 5 water mills, that has been producing flour, beer and other fine products since 1374. Hence the name Vintre Møller eq. to Winter Mills in English.


The Vintre Moller organic fields are nature protected, and we harvest our grains and botanicals from the grounds around our distillery. We are selfsufficient in water and power, and we prioritize local labour and product sourcing.

Sustainability and ESG

Our drivers are sustainability, biodiversity, circular economy and social responsibility.


Our mission and effort in showing Best Practise in our industry has been well recognized and highly awarded, and supported by the European agricultural fund for rural development.


Our vision is to remain as sustainable as possible - without compromising on the quality!



Water is our DNA

The Mill Creek has been running since the ice ages, and providing with energy for milling at Vintre Møller since 1374. 


Our artesian well well is located 10 meters below our beautiful meadows at protected and organic grounds. It gives 40.000 liters of the purest water, that we are using for our production and households.


Testing the quality of our well water on a regular basis proves there are no pesticides, PFAS or any other contamination. Thus, our products become as tasty and clean as can be. 


Milling and whiskey storage

Our mill is the last of the five original water mills that gave name to Vintre Møller. We have restored it gently, and it's now our whiskey storage facility. 


Aging is a vital part of the quality of the whiskey. Especially will the fluctuation of temperature between summer and winter enhance the effect of the barrels, and apply more and better taste to the whiskey.  


And the old mill is perfect for this. The quality of our whiskey has already been acknowleged.


Biodiversity is a part of Sustainability

Everyone knows, that our Earth is one big eco system, and that altering the circle of life will have severe consequences.   


Climate changes has had a great impact on the environment, many living species have become instinct, and if we don't protect both the climate and the environment, this evil circle will go on.


At our place we have bee hives, habitats for many other species, we're letting the wilderness grow along with our own crops and build a lake. Because we can, and because we must.




Our products are made with water from our artesian well and green energy from sun and wind. 


A high degree of selfsufficiency, local cooporation and minimizing the use of packaging material and transport saves the emission of more than 40 ton of CO2 per year.


Our two 500 liter stills, Nini and Mia, are specially made for gin and whiskey. Other smaller stills will take care of distilling single botanicals for akvavit, absinth and product development.




Please meet our range of sustainable quality spirits. If you intend to buy - please enjoy responsibly!


The Testament Organic Gin

Dr. Henrik Harpestreng (1164 – 1244 AD) from Roskilde was the doctor of the medieval Danish King, Erik Plovpenning, to whom he served concoctions with Grana Juniperi, Archangelica, Urtica, Serpentina, Taraxacum and other gin botanicals we know of today by more common names. 


Using the original recipes from his book ‘Liber Herbarum’ this gin will be the testament of Dr. Henrik Harpestreng, presumably the first gin maker ever, and complete the circle of gin history, myths, production, and consumption.


The result is a well balanced London Dry Gin type with straight up juniper and subtle citrus, followed by herbal and perfumic tea notes and a hint of licorice.


Organic Vodka

Vintre Møller Green Meadow Organic Vodka is distilled from organic wheat and only water from our own artesian well is added. 


The well is located 10 meters below our beautiful meadows at protected and organic grounds, thus imposing no surface contamination, so the water is as pure as can be. 


The ekstra filtererd organic alcohol and the natural salts and minerals from our water gives a very smooth and tasty vodka. 


The bottling is made local workers with green energy from our solar panels, and being 100% organic using organic material for closure, reused material for labelling and packaging, makes this a super sustainable choice.


Geranium Gin 

Geranium Gin is the result of an unprecedented combination of passion and science, aiming to create the ultimate Premium London Dry Gin.


A perfect mix of geranium from our organic grounds and 9 other carefully chosen botanicals are matured for 48 hours in the finest grain spirit before distilling. Subsequently, the purest water from our artesian well is added before the bottling with energy from sun and wind.


The result is an outstanding smooth and well-balanced gin with a delicate taste of Juniper, a crisp citrus-rosy Geranium aroma. 


Awarded in 17 different international spirits tastings and winning several cocktail competitions in Europe, Asia and USA, Geranium Gin has proven its high quality as a base spirit and bringing superior taste, flavour and balance to a cocktail.


Geranium Gin 55°  Navy Strength

Geranium Gin 55° is to be used for those times when more intensity of the cocktail is needed and will be the perfect choice for a Dry Martini, G&T or Negroni and any other drink where a more powerfull gin has it's place. 


55% is the perfect alcohol strength to add more weight and enhance the pleasantness of the botanicals, and still retaining the smooth and well-balanced impression that signifies Geranium Gin. The fact that 55° is the latitude of our distillery adds an extra dimension to the this Navy Strength edition of one of the world’s finest gins.


The phrase “proof” comes from the British Royal Navy’s “proof” test. They would take the gin, pour it onto gunpowder, and if it ignited, that would prove there is sufficient alcohol in the gin. Proof is 54.5% alc./vol and became standard Navy Strength.


Old English Gin

When buying Gin in the 1700's and 1800's you'd be offered a simple choice: English Gin or Holland's Gin. Hollands Gin was the Jenever, and English Gin was branded fancy names as Young Tom or Old Tom, or named after the distillery as Booth's and Warrington. 


Old English Gin is made from a 1783 recipe, distilling eleven botanicals in the oldest pot still being used in England today. And at that time, England was the largest importer of French Champagne and consumers would buy such bottles filled with gin. 


Awarded the Worlds Best Gin and winning a ton of gold medals in Europe, Asia and USA makes Old English Gin a safe choice for making your favorite classic cocktail.


Reinheart Rye Whiskey

Reinheart Rye Whiskey is produced by Danish Henrik Hammer and friends Kristian and Terkel, who wanted to create a traditional Rye Whiskey with many flavors and according to the original paradigms.


Everything from mash construction, yeast type, fermentation and distillation is carefully coordinated, with subsequent storage in the right environment in selected casks that give the right quality to the whiskey - without any external influence.


Reinheart Rye Whiskey is aged 6 - 7 years in "American virgin oak, medium toast, heavy carbonation" casks at the Hammer & Son Distillery in Vintre Møller. Currently there are two releases, both as single cask exclusives: Vintage 20214 Cask#1 with a total of 220 bottles and vintage 2015 Cask#2 and Cask#3 with a total of 436 bottles. Reinheart Rye Whiskey 2015 was awarded a GOLD medal by The Spirits Business in 2023.




Vintre Møller support sustainable and responsible drinking. Copyright ® Hammer & Son ApS DK-4060 Kirke Såby CVR.: 39190176